Toshi's Table

Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Why You'll Love This:

- This mushroom gravy is filled with umami flavors! It is savory and delicious! - It has simple ingredients and is easy to make. - The perfect vegan option to add to your table!


You'll need: mushrooms, vegan butter, miso paste, red wine, vegetable broth, cornstarch and spices.


Sauté the mushrooms in vegan butter and spices until they have softened and released their juices.


Add the red wine to deglaze the pan. Let the wine reduce for a few minutes. Add the veggie broth and bring the gravy to a simmer.


Make a cornstarch slurry in a separate bowl. Whisk together the cornstarch an water until combined.


In a separate bowl, whisk together the miso paste and remaining vegetable broth.


Add the miso mixture and cornstarch slurry to the mushrooms. Stir together. Allow it to simmer and thicken for a few minutes.


Serve the mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Enjoy!

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